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Mobile antenna: 2 meter/70cm 30inch long with connecting cable  $25

MFJ-4225MV Switching Power supply :  $55

Tools for Sale:

table saw, compound miter saw,


standing craftsman toolbox with keys,

sanders, planers and more.

One owner    

Reasonable prices


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Kenwood MC-60 Pre-amped Microphone is in excellent operating and cosmetic condition a real beauty. $125 + actual shipping cost. Add 3% for PayPal.


Kenwood TS-430S Transceiver in perfect operating condition. Top of case is a bit marred . Front panel, sides, and bottom all excellent. $325 + actual shipping cost. Add 3% for PayPal


Kenwood PS-430 Power Supply is in perfect operating condition and in very nice cosmetic condition. $100 + actual shipping cost. Add 3% for PayPal



$75 or trade[?]


Selling my NEW (used for about 5 minutes) YAESU FT-4XR dual band with extra battery pack SBR-28li and speaker/mic SSM-16B all new in boxes.

Got it at Hamvention, Orlando 2019.

Mis-read all specifications. I needed a radio with C4FM.

Asking $160.00 for all items.

Radio comes with full warranty at HRO.



Selling my almost unused Yaesu VX3R dual bander with wide RX specifications for many bands with extra battery pack FNB-82li and speaker/mic MH-34B4B and dry cell case FBA-37.

All new in boxes. Got it some years ago but has been stored as a backup radio.

Selling it since I need a radio with C4FM. It is a great radio with with good RX specs for many bands. The VX3R is hard to find today; new or second hand.

Asking $180.00 for all items.

If you by it new today you will pay around $250.00 + tax and shipping.

101EE mic and power cord and car cord Yaesu FT-101EE

w/FV-101B External VFO, Microphone, power cord and manuals.

$800 for all you see

   All in good working order


Radio: sn#J5306220  VFO: sn#4m304235
The Kenwood TS-440SAT is a one owner, smoke free environment rig. Only modification made was to open it up to MARS frequencies. Full 100W output shown on my Bird 43. Asking $275.00 which is in line with EBay prices and you save shipping. Includes original manual. No dots in display. Some contact bounce on mode keys. Another $40.00 and I will include an Astron RS-20 linear power supply which has been powering this rig since day 1. If anyone would line an on air demo we can set a schedule. Auto tuner works with no problems.


Alpha 78 high frequency linear power amplifier

with manual



Yorkville Studio Monitor Stands.

$50.00 for the pair



Mosley TA-33JR

This antenna is disassembled and waiting for a new home.


Asking $200.00 O.B.O.


  CushCraft A3S 10-15-20 Meter Yagi and Telex Hy-Gain Ham IV Rotor and Controler (with manuals)



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