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  Headset $20.00  Wireless Network Adapter $5.00


  Micronta SWR Watt Meter




The classic MFJ-8310 desktop scanner with NOA weather radio used but as new in box with all items as i came with.

Price: $50



CB radio Cobra 29 LTD Classic as new in box only tested  

Price: $ 75



The most advanced CB radio and DIGITAL scanner on the market.
This is the UNIDEN BearTracker 885 advanced CB and GPS Digital scanner.
Listen to most digital communication you can think of except the coded ones.
It is controlled by GPS and will always keep you updated in any area you drive in or are staying in. Complete pack in box and GPS antenna.
To much to tell you about read more here:
Used for 4 weeks as new in box with all options. Price: $250


MFJ-941C Versa Tuner II




Icom IC-761 Transceiver

(Signal Link not included)

$650.00 O.B.O.


Workman SWR/Power Meter




MFJ 208 VHF SWR Analyzer



  MFJ 864 HF - 144/440 MHz SWR Watt Meter



Kenwood TM281A 2 Meter Mobile Transceiver

Comes with Glass Mount Antenna

Excellent Condition




 RTL-SDR with long & short dipoles, suction cup, clamp option (DIY), extra cable, flex tripod. Unit is metal case. Also everything fits conveniently in the cloth bag as shown. Original contents of which have been consumed...I mean removed. All pieces shown included; nothing more. All function last time used. No refunds or trades and you know why.



Outdoor Pan /Tilt Rotor originally made for CCTV but would handle a couple of small Yagis for satellite work.

This is new in the original box. The control box can be found online for about $100.00.

I am asking $150.00 or Best Offer for the rotor.


  Precision Signal Generator circa 1958 Works.



  Vintage Technics SA-101 AM/FM/Stereo receiver.

$90.00 O.B.O.


  Grundig Majestic Model 1088 Broadcast and shortwave radio.

Works Great! Re-capped. Very clean.

$500.00 O.B.O.


2 Uniden Walkie Talkies

$5.00 ea.


  Heathkit IO-4225 25MHZ Dual Trace Oscilloscope

$100.00 O.B.O.


  1000 Watt Low Pass Filter

$20.00 O.B.O.


  Kenwood Mobile Speaker

$10.00 O.B.O.


Inverter/Charger by Trace Engineering

$45.00 O.B.O.


THIS IS A KIT - YOU WILL HAVE TO ASSEMBLE. The kit includes all parts needed to build the project, including a heavy metal case. The project is based around an Arduino Nano, which runs a modified version of the K3NG Winkey software. Support has been added for SO2R and can communicate with logging software natively as a Winkey device, or using the SO2R Mini Connector. The connector is a small piece of software that translates your logging software OTRSP (Open Two Radio Switching Protocol) and Winkey into a single stream for the device. The hardware and software are fully published, allowing the end-user to customize the device as they see fit.

Assembly is easy and quick. From start to finish, the average kit builder should be able to complete the kit in an hour. Modest skills are required, there are no surface mount ICs or RF connectors. The kit contains everything needed to build a functioning unit.



For more technical users, I2C and Aux buses are available, allowing for inter-device communication, as well as GPIO, for extra features, like interlocking, multi-paddle, band data, and antenna outputs, RTTY generation, and more. There are also pins available for LED indicators of transmitting and receive status. The SO2R Mini is designed to be an inexpensive, yet complete and flexible solution for SO2R contesting. Similarly, the SO2RM can act as a Winkey by itself. This tiny box measures only 10cm long and 5cm tall. All input connectors are 3.5mm TRS jacks. Separate jacks are provided for all inputs, with paddle and PTT outputs combined on a common jack, allowing for a stereo splitting cable to be used for most traditional radios. The SO2R Mini is powered by USB and requires a computer connected for full functionality. When no power is applied, the box automatically shifts transmit and receive audio focus to radio one, although PTT and CW signals are not passed. If the user desires the ability to forgo the computer, the SO2R Mini can be expanded to support transmit and receive control switches and a potentiometer for CW speed control. These features are supported on the circuit board and in software. Just add your own pot and switches
  CushCraft A3S 10-15-20 Meter Yagi and

Telex Hy-Gain Ham IV Rotor and

Controler (with manuals)





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