Net Control Script

Suggested Net Control Script

(Revised by KB3GYN 2/10/2011)


It’s seven thirty PM local time and this is (your call) with the Tuesday night Spring Hill Amateur Radio Club net. My name is (your name).

This net is open to all licensed Amateur Radio Operators including any mobiles that may be in our area. This is a directed net so please wait for the previous station to be acknowledged before checking in.

The Spring Hill Amateur Radio Club holds its meetings on the third Thursday of the month at seven PM in the VFW on Edward Noll Road off of Anderson Snow Road.


On the last Saturday of the month there is a club sponsored breakfast at 9:00 a.m.

held at Suzie's Grill on 1252 Mariner Blvd South of Linden Drive.

And for the ladies, there is a YL breakfast on the first Friday of each month at different local restaurants. Check the club website or for the location and for other meeting and event times and locations.

Your net control operator for tonight’s net is (your call & your name).

Before we start, is there any emergency or priority traffic?"

    Wait for any reply.

"Hearing none, we’ll move on.

Next, are there any stations with announcements?"

    Wait for any reply.

"I will now take check-ins from any mobile operators or short time stations."

Wait for any reply.

"Now we’ll go with check-ins from the following:

Stations with suffixes A through H please call now and give your call sign and name.

Stations with suffixes I through P please call and give your call sign and name.

Stations with suffixes Q through Z please call and give your call sign and name.

Any other stations wanting to check in, call now."

Go back through the list of names and ask for comments or announcements from each station. Short-time check-ins don’t usually want a call back and mobiles may move beyond range of the repeater Many net control operators like to pose a question to the net to generate answers, comments, and conversation.

Depending on the number of check-ins and comments, go around the list 1 or 2 times, with the last round being the ‘73’ round. Let the net know before you start the ’73’ round.

"That wraps it up for tonight. Thank you all for checking into the Spring Hill Amateur Radio Club Net. Our next Club net will be held next Tuesday night at seven thirty PM local time on this frequency. Remember that if the repeater ever goes down, we will operate on one forty six dot eight zero five SIMPLEX. For more information about SHARC, go to our club website at either or

Net Control is now returning the frequency to general amateur use.
This is (your name & your call) net control operator this evening for Repeater KF4IXU.

Note: If the repeater is down, please be prepared to do the net on 146.805 Simplex, and to announce that you are on simplex several times during your open!"


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