How to modify Templates in MMSSTV  

 1.  Left click on S. Templates 1.

     If you like the default choices in MMSSTV,

     Youíre done and ready to load pictures.


NOTE: To show pictures with/without template, left click S. pix: 



To the right of the S. Pix/ S. templates 1 line is a check

      box for Show with templates

      A left click on this will toggle the box on/off


 Left click TX above operating window.  Right click in

      the operating window or a storage window.

The lower section of this drop-down  has an option to

      show pictures with or without template.

      Right click to check this on/off.

Note: I prefer to see the pictures in S. pix with the template.



To edit or create templates:

2. Left click   S. template 1. Click on a template you want to change and  and left click and drag

     It to the operating window and drop

3. Left click Template.               

3. Move the cursor into the operating window to a line of text you want to change.

4. Left click on the text and it now appears inside a box with dashed line sides.  See above figure.

5. Right click inside this box and choose delete or cut from the drop-down menu. 

     Do this for each segment of text you donít want.

6.  Below the operating window is a row of icons.  Left click T

7. Move the cursor to the operating window.  The cursor now looks like +



8. Left click inside the window.  A Text and Color    

     menu and window appears.

9. Type what you want in the text box

    and it will appear in the window.

10. There are lots of choices for your text but

              keep the first one simple for practice.

      In the Gradation section, left click on the

              color square and left click on your choice.

      Left click on your Shadow choice and choose color

       Left click on Font and make a choice.

      Now left click ok.  You can change the size of the box by clicking on a side and dragging.

      Reposition your new text by left clicking the text and dragging to new position.

11. If you want this template in more than one picture window, click Template, click and drag

      that template to any of the storage windows. 

Youíre done and ready to load pictures into S. pix


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