VE Testing

Ham Radio Testing


"Study for your Amateur Radio License Here"

(Once you pass your test, download the club's New Ham flyer Here)

Ham Radio testing is the third Tuesday of each month.

Note: Testing is by appointment only! Please contact Bill, N4MU to confirm your test session.

Location: You will be given the location once you register.

Time:        6:00pm

Our Club VE Testing Director Bill Howard, N4MU offers monthly testing by appointment.

New hams need to bring a photo ID. There is a $15 testing fee for new licenses.

Licensed hams must bring their original license, along with a photocopy for the examiner. There is a $15 testing fee for upgrades.

If you have questions, or wish to be scheduled for the next test session, contact Bill Howard at or call him at: (803) 629-3920.

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